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Bat ang dami mong satsat? bading ka ba?!
Simple lang kame.. hindi maangas.. hindi masatsat.. ratrat lang ng ratrat!
 aka DonDon
 Owner of the Mehopia Gaming Center Chains
 coFounder of [CAGC]
 Number 1 supporter of [VOiD]
aka ministro/damunyo/badush/Mang_Ernie/
  value_meal/sopastar/Agent_Bentong/ Agent_Pacundo_Jose/Agent_Ponkan/ sumaskidot/Boy_Singa/Boy_Singhot/ patotot/suman/basbas/Totoy_Bugtong/ Totoy_Tipan/[Ghee]Jomar_Binay/[Ghee]s_Lapid/[Ghee]nggoy_Estrada/pospas/binatog/ Crouching_Agent_Hidden_Bentong/
maximus_extra_rice/vassili_zaistev_extra_rice/ go_large_extra_rice/boboy_buloy
 ex member of [PORN]
 coFounder of [CAGC]
 Number 2 supporter of [VOiD]
 Founder of [MFP]
 coFounder of [CAGC]
 Taguig Branch Owner of Mehopia Gaming Center
 aka a
 Right-Hand Executioner of [CAGC]Docks
 Manager of Mehopia Gaming Center HQ
 [VOiD]Nonoy(Extreme Cut)
 [VOiD]Chavit (newest member)
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