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  The past, present, & future

We lingered as brothers and fought like samurais. We were bound by our shared experiences and not by pathetic pretenses.

We remain undaunted when our detractors persist. Of them not knowing that we may strike back at any given time; rise up and annihilate the bastards. We await you quibbler. We await you...

Bose  Corporation

[CAGC] - Cesium Accura Game Club
The first clan we ([CAGC]Docks, [CAGC]Sonny, [CAGC]extra_rice) established back when Tomtronics just started offering network games (1999). Diverse population joined ranging from Diablo, Half-life, Starcraft, WarCraft, Red-Alert, Quake, and of course Counter-Strike gamers. More and more people kept coming... they figured we were really having the greatest time of our lives... composed of personalities of a dream barkada... merong tatanga-tanga... mga di nauubusan ng kwento... mga sugo ng lambanog at ni san miguel... basta sobrang saya... [MFP] - Mga Feeling Pogi
The second clan established. Founded by [CAGC]Sonny (Branch owner of Mehopia Gaming Center) for the CS junior players... sobrang lake na kase ng tropa... champion agad sa isang tourney kaka-establish pa lang... mga kapanahunan nina jak@poy, Asskicker, blink182, hehe, kahrot, at marami pang iba... talo pa kami ng mga kolokoys... =)

[VOiD] -
The recent clan founded by [VOiD]lau and [VOiD]twiggy. The members came from dissolved clans like [MFP], [S!C], [2ttan], [CAGC], and [pOrN]. We felt that there was so much talent within our brood but lack of experience and communication stifled our true abilities. We took some beating for a brief period but slowly we began to pose a threat. One step at a time. Proving ourselves to every clan we fight. Learning from our shared experiences. No matter what envious wannabees say about us... our presence and our threat will still endure... coz we know who we really are and what we are capable of... we will stop at nothing...

hail to our religion! hail to our camaraderie!




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